Christmas Stuffed Goose

I believe this is originally a German recipe. Since cooking this the first time, I have never roasted a turkey again.

It is easy to carve, as there are no bones. In each slice you get 3 meats, plus stuffing.

It is not as fatty as people expect, because most of the goose fat is removed during boning or cooked out during roasting, and because of the mixture of fatty & non-fatty meats.


For The Stuffing:

For The Gravy:


  1. Bone the birds. There is a YouTube video to show you how, here
  2. Put the bones, giblets (except the livers), and vegetables in a large pan, add enough water to cover, cover the pan and simmer, to make the stock.
  3. Set oven for Mark 6.
  4. Prepare the stuffing by mixing the sausage meat, livers, ham, shallots, mushrooms, breadcrumbs & herbs together. Season well with pepper and allspice and bind with egg.
  5. Lay the goose flat on a board or table (skin side down) & spread the cut surfaces (the inner sides) with seasoned butter.
  6. Spread the stuffing thoroughly over the cut surfaces of the goose. Push some of the stuffing into the legs & wings of the goose.
  7. Lay the chicken skin side down on top of the cut side of the goose, spread on more stuffing, then the game bird on the chicken the same way.
  8. Roll up the goose around the two birds and sew up the join securely with fine string or thread (or just tie around the goose) to hold it together while it cooks.
  9. Set the stuffed goose in a roasting tin, dredge (sprinkle over the goose's skin) lightly with flour and baste well with melted butter or oil.
  10. Put to roast in the pre-set oven, basting well with the fat as it runs from the goose.
  11. Allow 1¾ to 2 hours roasting and once the goose is brown lower the heat to mark 5.
  12. Regularly baste & pour off excess fat (but keep it in case you need it for the gravy).

Be careful when roasting the goose that the juices in the tin do not become over browned and scorched as this will spoil the flavour of the gravy. If this seems likely to happen, add a little stock to the roasting dish.

  1. When the goose is well browned, take out carefully, remove string and set in a serving dish.
To prepare the gravy:
  1. Pour off as much of the fat from the tin as possible, and then add the flour, scraping well around the tin with a metal spoon.
  2. Pour in the stock, a little at a time, stirring continuously.
  3. Add the lemon juice, ketchup, and Tabasco/cayenne/sambal.
  4. Stir well and bring to the boil.
  5. Test for seasoning (add more flavouring to taste) and strain.
  6. Pour a little of the gravy around the goose, and serve the rest separately.