Picture of the Fosberry Coat Of Arms

There are many different spellings of my name, including:

Genealogy books seem to be no use in finding out about this name, in any of its variants. What I have found out is that:

During Saxon & Norman times it was common for landowners and nobility to take the name of their home as their effective surname.

Based on the above, my conclusion is that the original Fosberrys were Vikings, who settled in Normandy and arrived in England with the Norman invasion (the Normans were originally Vikings - "Norman" is derived from "Norsemen"). Their original name was not necessarily Fosberry, but the place name from which their surname is derived is also almost certainly Scandinavian. I should say that other people have different ideas on the origin and the meaning of the name.

Some of the family then went to Ireland in one of England's many waves of invasion, and earned themselves lands & a title.

There now seem to be Fosberrys in many countries: Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, the USA, South Africa, etc.

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