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Discriminate To Prevent Discrimination?

Posted on 3rd July 2022

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The BBC reports here on Lewis Hamilton's statement that 'Older voices' should be refused a platform to make offensive comments. I have a number of issues with Mr. Hamilton's position:

  • The whole woke attitude that people should never have to be offended. Sometimes offending someone is the only way to really get their attention. Life is offensive, but nowadays people get offended just by hearing disagreement with their opinions. Stop wasting my time with ideas based on the argument that people might be offended!
  • He seems to be suggesting that we discriminate to reduce the risk of discrimination. The hypocrisy of this position beggars belief!
  • Why has he singled out 'older' people? This is discrimination in its purest form.

I anyway do not subscribe to the cult of celebrities, and Lewis Hamilton had already demonstrated that he is not someone suited to lead public opinion, but with his latest statement I will definitely no longer take his opinions seriously.