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AI Learning From Video Games Is Inherently Dangerous

Posted on 24th May 2018

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This BBC report describes how the UK's Ministry of Defence is worried. Apparently "Robots that train themselves in battle tactics by playing video games could be used to mount cyber-attacks, the UK military fears".

I think there is much more to be worried about. AI is already being developed for use on the battlefield. If AI is teaching itself from video games (artificial realities where normal ethics are either non-existent or of lower than usual priority), then the robots engaging in the wars of the future will be the most ruthless and cruel soldiers that ever existed. This is not some vague risk in the future: "Researchers in Silicon Valley are using strategy games, such as Starcraft II, to teach systems how to solve complex problems on their own".

We don't allow our children unsupervised learning until they have developed some moral sense. We certainly can't expect that unsupervised learning by AI will be a safe and successful exercise.

Welcome to The Age of Ultron.