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Boeing pays $2.5 Billion fine, and now another 737 crashes!

Posted on 12th January 2021

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Just in case you were in any doubt that Boeing deliberately put profit ahead of air safety with the development and certification of their 737 Max, the company has just "agreed" to pay a $2.5bn fine for their conspiracy to do just that; in effect they have now admitted guilt.

To cap it all, this week came news of the crash of another Boeing 737 (this time not a 737 Max, but an older design), as reported here and here by the BBC.

Given the already massive impact of Covid-19 on the airline industry, and the fallout of the 737 Max crashes, Boeing will struggle to survive (although the US government is not likely to let them go bust).

When I next take a flight, I will certainly try very hard to ensure that I will not have to travel on a Boeing aircraft.