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Trump Is Guilty Of Everything He Accuses Others Of

Posted on 21st November 2018

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There are no real surprises here, but this article on the BBC beautifully highlights Donald Trump's hypocrisy.

Each of the first few paragraphs includes one or more accusations or judgments of Robert Mueller and his team. Each of them is something that Trump is way more guilty of than anyone he accuses:

  • Robert Mueller's investigation is a "total mess" - The Donald's administration is what is a total mess, from which a constant procession of people are either fired or resign;
  • Robert Mueller's investigation is"absolutely nuts" - POTUS owns the patent on absolutely nuts, and no-one can compete (at least not anyone who is free to roam the streets);
  • Investigators were "threatening" people to provide "the answers they want" - Trump's normal conversation style is based on threatening people;
  • "They are screaming and shouting at people," - There is hardly a press conference at which the President doesn't scream and shout at people;
  • The inquiry is a "witch hunt" - The man at the Whitehouse is famous for his witch hunts (e.g. against Hilary Clinton).

As we say in England, hark at the pot calling the kettle black!