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The Wonder Drug: Marmite!

Posted on 11th November 2016

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Being English, I love marmite (English marmite - the New Zealand version is nowhere near as good - it goes very well with cheddar cheese); English kids are raised on marmite. My German friends think that I am mad to eat it, and that it tastes disgusting, but that is their problem. Getting people who don't know marmite to taste it is great sport; the expressions on their faces when they try it the first time are wonderful.

I have always known that marmite is good for recovering from a hangover, as described on this page from Lifehack, due to the high concentration of B vitamins (and maybe also because of the salt content). Recently, however, I have seen quite a lot of reports about the health benefits of the dark and salty spread:

  1. This report on MailOnline describes how it helps heal damaged heart muscle, thus helping heart attack victims recover and survive longer.
  2. This report on MailOnline described how marmite is beneficial for energy production and brain function.
  3. This BBC story describes new research which has shown that "B vitamins may have protective effect against air pollution".
  4. This piece on includes marmite in a list of foods that improve your sperm count.
  5. This page on HealthTicket describes how high doses [of marmite] increase the body’s ability to fight off staphylococcus bugs like MRSA by 1,000 times.
  6. Marmite improves blood circulation (and is prescribed for those with poor circulation), and it is recommended that you eat marmite 30 minutes before going to the gym or playing sport, as described on the forum of Runners' World.
  7. Apparently marmite helps deter midges from biting you.

Those are just some of the claimed health benefits (some are better supported by research than others). Are you ready to start eating marmite?