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Dog Shoots Man

Posted on 16th May 2018

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The stream of stories about gun control issues continues in this piece from The Telegraph.

Like so many of such stories, it cements the case against guns.

Richard Remme was playing with his dog, a pitbull/Labrador cross, on the sofa at his home in Iowa, when the dog accidentally shot him in his leg. The dog had managed to turn off two safeties, and to pull the trigger of the gun, which was in a belly band.

The gun lobbyists' argument is that guns, when carried by responsible and trained people, increase safety for everyone. Well clearly Mr. Remme is neither responsible nor trained, which is arguably true about most private gun owners in the USA.

Thank goodness that private ownership of guns is not generally legal, in Germany, where I live. If you want a gun, the best option, according to the news, is to take one from a policeman; that should be hard to do, but according to this report in The Telegraph it is not.