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If There Was Ever A Killer Argument For Banning Guns, This Woman Is It

Posted on 13th September 2017

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There have been many arguments used, by both sides of the debate about the right to bear arms in the USA, but this story on the BBC news really clinches the argument for banning people from carrying guns.

Katie Quackenbush

In this case, Katie Quackenbush (photo to the right) got into a row with a homeless man who was trying to sleep on the pavement, about the loud music from her car (unlike the BBC, I fail to see how the make of car is relevant). He asked her to move her car, and in response she got out her gun and fired two "warning" shots with her eyes closed, critically injuring the man, who was taken to hospital.

So let's break that down:

  1. She acted irresponsibly in playing her music too loud, causing a public nuisance (for which she should be charged, in my opinion);
  2. She felt that using her gun was an appropriate response to a row about her irresponsible behaviour (whereas an apology, and turning down the music, seems to be a more suitable answer) - we should remember that homeless people also have rights - she should also be charged for this;
  3. She fired her gun with her eyes closed (incredibly stupid and irresponsible), presumably because she is actually afraid of guns (and therefore shouldn't have a gun) - she should definitely be charged for this, and have her gun licence revoked.

Gun-carry apologists often claim that they are responsible and usually trained in the use of firearms, and that the carrying of guns increases public safety. Those arguments are anyway questionable, but particularly in this case, are obviously not true. Katie Quackenbush is clearly too stupid, too afraid of guns, and too prone to inappropriate escalation, to be allowed to carry a butter knife, let alone a gun!