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Salmon Are Not The Only Fish Which Migrate To Breed!

Posted on 3rd July 2022

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This article on the BBC bemoans the dreadful state of salmon in Ireland's rivers.

Things are indeed very bad, especially for a country which used to market itself (possibly still does) as clean and pollution free, with a vibrant wildlife. Sadly, pollution and overfishing have decimated wild salmon populations.

About one third of the way down the article is a paragraph which starts with "As the only fish whose lifecycle demands a transition from salt to fresh water, ..." As any reasonably well informed reader will know, there are actually quite a few species which migrate from salt-water to fresh water to breed, and a few which migrate from fresh water to salt-water to breed. Here are some examples:

  • salmon (of which there are several distinct species),
  • sea trout,
  • striped bass,
  • sea lamprey,
  • Allis shad,
  • Twait shad
  • freshwater els,
  • sturgeon (the source of real caviar).

Kate Ryan, the journalist who wrote this article, is not a good advertisement for Irish education.